Annette van der Molen Fotografie


My work is a journey of discovery into what is a complex social dilemma. Why do we value wildlife and our companion animals but not the billions of animals bred and used annually that the most of us sees everyday..on there plate. This is the core question. My motivation is to create an eye-opening experience for audiences, to remove people’s blinders, and tell the true story.  And thats how the project  'Because We Are Boys' started.


Hello. here I am....yes, here you are! Welcome to the world little chick...for all of a day if you are a male chick. 


In my work I make regular use of male chicks , which can be bought simply by kilo.  Unlike female chicks, males from egg-laying hens do not produce eggs and are instead culled and used as feed for reptiles and other animals. Here’s the problem: Males of the egg-laying breeds are of little value, as only a few roosters are required for reproduction. A day after they’re hatched, chicks are sexed (their gender determined), with the unfortunate males heading straight to the grinder or be gassed for use as animal feed. With my work I want to show that these chicks exist, and despite having no added value in the industry. They have a wonderful beauty and deserve respect, I want to give them the time and the respect they deserve.


 'These Are The Boys'

8 Photo's on Foam, 30x40






'Lillian Rose' 

2015, Chicken Embryo